Up and Coming Pop Singer

in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is where musical dreams are made. From the world-famous Sunset Strip to the iconic Capitol building, this city just symbolizes musical stardom. So many legends got their start here: Michael Jackson, Beck, Guns & Roses, Metallica, Kendrick Lamar, the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Every year, new talent emerges from this incredible creative wonderland, and 2017 will be no different. There’s one up-and-coming pop singer in Los Angeles who’s already building quite the buzz, and she’s only 14 years old.


Her name is Brooke Liz, and don’t let her age fool you. She may be young, but she’s already appeared in a number of hit movies and TV series (including the beloved Showtime hit “Shameless”). She’s done speaking appearances, charity work, commercials, films, voice-overs, and a slew of popular YouTube videos. Now she’s putting her singing chops to good use as she becomes the latest starlet to rock the L.A. music scene.


Brooke Liz - More Than Just an Up-and-Coming Pop Singer in Los Angeles


Brooke has already completed work on two music videos, and she’s currently putting the finishing touches on additional music. Her original songs, “6:30” and “Bubblegum,” will soon be made available on her website and elsewhere online. Check out her YouTube channel to learn more, and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Fans in the L.A. area may also be interested in following her upcoming appearances, as she’s already making waves in the local scene.


Although Brooke was born and raised in Georgia, she has already made herself at home in the Hollywood scene. Check out her Reels page to get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of her “Bubblegum” video and to hear a sneak preview of this infectious pop single. Brooke’s radio-friendly sound is just upbeat and melodic enough to appeal to the Disney crowd but also bold enough to please the more discriminating Billboard pop lovers.


Booking Brooke Liz


Brooke is currently available for bookings throughout the Greater Los Angeles area, and anyone interested in learning more can get in touch with her management. Just contact Eileen Koch of EKC PR. You can reach her at 310.441.1000 or email her at Eileen@EKCPR.com to learn more about rates and availability. If your event needs an up-and-coming pop singer in Los Angeles, or if you just like to stay on the cutting edge of the music scene, you’re going to want to remember the name Brooke Liz. She’s young, she’s talented, and she’s about to take the world by storm.