With the entertainment industry constantly searching for the next big thing, few talents are able to shine through the competition. Brooke Liz has managed to do that, and is well on her way to being the next massive Hollywood teen actress and superstar. 

Brooke Liz has proven that she is a powerhouse at a very young age. Juggling multiple movie projects, music videos and weekly acting classes, keeps Brooke's spring of creativity flowing and current. ​While being the next huge Hollywood teen actress is the goal, Brooke is aware that it doesn't come easy and takes an immense amount of hard work and dedication.


The long hours aren't lost on Brooke. She just completed 2 short films "5pm: Inglewood (Downtown) with Lead. Director Jessie Gao, and the next film on deck is "Watermelon" with supporting Lead-Director Toryn Seabrooks!!

Brooke Liz is on Her Way to Being the Next Big Hollywood Teen Star


Brooke Liz also has multiple acting projects in the pipeline. With each new film or role, it positions Brooke in an even better place to dominate the entertainment industry in Hollywood. Brooke just booked a Feature Film with a supporting lead role and is set film at the end of this year in Sydney, Australia. With a music video to shoot in March. With all of that swirling around Brooke still manages to attend Cynthia Bain's acting classes weekly and the hard work is paying off in a big way. 

Being that Brooke is such a versatile entertainer with talents that range from music to modeling to makeup artistry, she’s able to deliver on a much wider range of topics than your typical YouTube personality. This might play a key role in her rapid rise to stardom. In a relatively short time (bear in mind, this gifted young talent is only 14), she’s managed to attract an enormous fan base that transcends age, gender, and culture. On any given day, she might present a new music video, share a touching story from her life, or post some behind-the-scenes footage from her latest television spot.

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If you’re interested in booking, you can reach out to Eileen Koch of EKC PR. Contact her by phone at 310.441.1000, or send her an email at Eileen@EKCPR.com. Brooke has a ton of exciting projects on the horizon, so keep a look out for this rising star!

Hollywood Teen Actress
Teen Hollywood Actress