Brooke Liz Is the New Hot Pop Star in Los Angeles

What makes a hot pop star in Los Angeles? Is it incredible songwriting? A killer voice? Or just an overall it-factor? Most likely, it’s some combination of all these factors. One rising star who’s already proving to have that special something is 14-year-old Brooke Liz. Don’t let her youth deceive you, though. Brooke has been acting, singing and modeling since infancy, and now she’s making a huge name for herself in the pop music scene with her two hot new singles, Bubblegum and 6:30.

And yes, while it’s easy for any young person to post their talents on social media these days, it’s not so easy to amass a substantial following. For every viral superstar, there are a thousand would-be celebrities who remain in obscurity. Brooke Liz has already attracted more than 100,000 followers on the popular app, and she’s collaborating with major songwriters like Paulina Cerrilla.

Not only that, but she has appeared on major television shows like Showtime’s “Shameless,” and she continues to expand her reach as a young YouTube celebrity. Considering that she’s only 14 years old, the sky’s the limit for this new, hot pop star in Los Angeles.


Brooke Liz - Not Just a Hot Pop Star In Los Angeles


Young girls and boys everywhere dream of being in the spotlight, and Brooke is proving to be an inspiration to these budding stars because her success is largely the result of her own hard work and passion. Born and raised in Georgia, she came out to Los Angeles with her family to pursue a career in entertainment because she knew early on that she wanted to use her gifts to reach the world. She didn’t take the American Idol route or rely on industry connections. Rather, she built her own fan base by connecting with young people online and letting her natural talents speak for themselves.


Book This Hot Pop Star in Los Angeles


Los Angeles is a mecca of great talent. On any given day, you might find Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Rihanna dining at a cozy cafe on Hollywood Blvd. At one time, these superstars were all up-and-comers, slowly building a humble following with just a bit of raw talent and a whole lot of passion. Brooke Liz is the latest such talent to emerge, and she’s already proving to have quite the star power.


If you’re looking to book a hot pop star in Los Angeles for your event, be sure and check out Brooke’s music videos and explore her website to learn about her many impressive accomplishments. She’s currently accepting bookings in the Los Angeles area, and her management can be reached through her Contact page. Brooke is available for concerts, music festivals, charity events, and other events that call for an energetic youthful vibe. Discover for yourself why Brooke is the hottest young it-girl.