Brooke Liz is well on her way to being the next Hollywood it girl and most sought after young actress in Los Angeles. With the entertainment industry continually searching for the best big thing, few talents are able to shine through the competition like Brooke Liz does. Her light on and off camera is undeniable. That makes her easy to work with and a joy to be around. 

Being on the fast-track to fame and success is just second nature to Brooke Liz. While being the next Hollywood it girl isn't an easy goal to accomplish, Brooke is well aware that determination, hard work and staying poised, will edge her ever closer to the fame she most certainly deserves. Brooke just completed 2 short films "5pm: Inglewood (Downtown) with Lead. Director Jessie Gao, and the next film on deck is "Watermelon" with supporting Lead-Director Toryn Seabrooks!!

Brooke Liz also has future projects in the works that only aim to solidify her as the next Hollywood it girl. She booked a Feature Film with a supporting lead role and is set film at the end of this year in Sydney, Australia. With a music video to shoot in March. With all of that swirling around Brooke still manages to attend Cynthia Bain's acting classes weekly and the hard work is paying off in a big way. 


The Next Hollywood IT Girl Brooke Liz


In 2017, there are a number of new teen sensations making waves, but none of them possess the triple threat talent of Brooke Liz. Brooke Liz has taken on the Los Angeles acting scene with a fresh youthful energy. Aside from her undying passion for theatrical arts and acting, Brooke Liz is an accomplished singer. Known to many of her dedicated YouTube followers as Brooke B.—recently finished work on two music videos for her upcoming singles “Bubblegum” and “6:30,” and the young artist has already amassed more than 100,000 social media followers for her profile.  


Brooke’s music incorporates all of the qualities that pop lovers can’t get enough of: infectious melodies, powerful vocals, and relatable songs about love, loss, and growing up. Brooke was raised in Georgia and now calls Hollywood her home, and so she offers a wide range of experiences to sing about. Most importantly, though, Brooke wants to inspire and to make a difference in the world. She’s active with a number of children’s causes, and she’s committed to using her voice for good. You’ll be hearing a lot more about Brooke in the coming months as her new material hits the airwaves, so keep your ears open!


Learn More Brooke Liz, the New Teen Sensation of 2017


In addition to being an accomplished Hollywood teen sensation and professional actress, Brooke Liz is already a successful singer, voice-over artist, and public speaker. She has appeared in a number of hit movies and televisions shows including Showtime’s “Shameless,” and she has a number of new projects on the horizon. To learn more about Brooke’s impressive career, check out her IMDB page. You’ll also want to pay a visit to her website and follow her on social media to stay up to date on all of the new developments with her music. If you’re interested in booking Brooke for concerts or other professional engagements in the Los Angeles area, you can get in touch with her management via this link. You can also reach out to Brooke personally, as she loves connecting with her fans.


If you follow the teen scene and are curious about the nest Hollywood teen sensation and recording artist, you’re going to want to add Brooke Liz to your favorite people of 2017. 


Being that Brooke is such a versatile entertainer with talents that range from music to modeling to makeup artistry, she’s able to deliver on a much wider range of topics than your typical YouTube personality. This might play a key role in her rapid rise to stardom. In a relatively short time (bear in mind, this gifted young talent is only 14), she’s managed to attract an enormous fan base that transcends age, gender, and culture. On any given day, she might present a new music video, share a touching story from her life, or post some behind-the-scenes footage from her latest television spot.


What’s Next for This Rising Hollywood It Girl?


Though Brooke has plenty of new acting gigs lined up and is committed to maintaining her popular YouTube channel, her #1 focus right now is on her music. With one single already released and a full-length album on the way, she hopes to dedicate some time to touring and performing her music in front of live audiences. If you’re interested in booking, you can reach out to Eileen Koch of EKC PR.


Contact her by phone at 310.441.1000, or send her an email at Brooke has a ton of exciting projects on the horizon, so keep a look out for this rising star!

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